Covid 19

What will this look like?

Hands free sanitiser stations or arrival and departure we respectfully request everyone to use before entry

and arrive wearing a mask which we need you to keep on until seated and then some fun can begin!

How will it operate?

·       Reservations only, our new layout is based on smaller numbers to focus on safety for all.

·       Operating capacity, we now have a bigger distance between tables.

·       Book in advance, means we can manage numbers and scheduled spaced arrivals.

This best protects our staff and customers so people can arrive at their chosen slot & be shown to their table as a group.

·       Booking information, we have been asked by the Government to collect contact data for 3 weeks.

We will require your phone number and / or email. Most of our customers are used to this anyway.

·       Food and drink – initially, all dining tables booked for max of 1.5 hours, drinkers 1 hour per table.

·       Table bookings, we cannot ‘join tables’. The max is 6 people from one household / with their bubble

·       Table service only – no ordering at the bar

·       Payment – card ideally please

·       Toilets, please wear your mask to and from the facilities, one in, one out.

·       Children must remain seated for now & supervised by parents at all times while on the premises with regards to safety and social distancing.

Extra measures

All staff have undergone Covid 19 and service procedure training and we have undergone a Company Risk Assessment.

We have changed our opening and closing times so we can operate a smaller team.

This means we have created a ‘work bubble’ with the family members on every shift throughout our new 5 day working week.  


Closed Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday -Saturday     lunch 12-2pm   

Wednesday – Saturday    Dinner 5.30-8pm  

Sunday lunch 12-3pm